2010 LAMS Sydney Conference: Sharing Great Ideas


(Abstracts from Keynote presentations are available here.)

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  • Integrating Educational Video Games in LAMS: The <e-Adventure> experience. Ángel del Blanco, Javier Torrente, Baltasar Fernándex-Manjón
  • Developing pre-service teachers' research capabilities using LAMS Matt Bower
  • Implementing Learning Designs: A summary of the ALTC project Leanne Cameron
  • Introducing learning design and LAMS to pre-service education students Chris Campbell and Leanne Cameron
  • Education Students using the Le@rning Federation's digital resources Chris Campbell
  • Integrating the experience of students through collaborative task design using student blogs Chris Campbell
  • Using LAMS to structure and support learning activities in virtual worlds Andrew Cram & Katy Lumkin, Jan Eade
  • Using a problem-baed learning approach with LAMS to facilitiate best practice sharing of medical education context Bronwen Dalziel
  • From LMS to VLE or from supermarkets to airports: Classifying elearning platforms using metaphors Eva Dobozy and Patricia Reynolds
  • Students as Learning Designers Concetta Gotlieb and Matt Bower
  • Taking LAMS to the great outdoors Debbie Evans, Cate Fredrickson, John Willis, Jenny Madsen, Andreas Utomo Kuswara and Kathy Stewart
  • Local Ecostudy Project (LEP) Debbie Evans, Cate Fredrickson, John Willis, Jenny Madsen, Andreas Utomo Kuswara and Kathy Stewart
  • Measuring Collaboration in Online Forums Glenn Mason
  • The Learning Outcome Authoring Tool (LOAT) integration into LAMS: Scaffolding author to write learning outcomes in any LAMS activity tool Spyros Papadakis and Tania Al. Kerkiri
  • Enabling the sharing of great pedagogy: An onlinepeer and self assessment tool Donna Shepherd
  • Finding the tools and pedagogies for the next generation of elearners Fran van 't Hoog
  • LAMS in medicine: Designing a virtual clinical case in the field of human endocrinology teaching Luigi Vianale and Consiglio Teresa
  • New Innovation: Mobile Loyalty in higher education Stuart C Warden, Hugo Chichava and Carolin Löffler

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