2010 LAMS Sydney Conference: Sharing Great Ideas

Conference Program
Thursday, 9th December, 2010

8.00-9.00 Registration Opens
9.00-9.05 Welcome
9.05-9.15 Official Opening

Opening Keynote:

Difficulties Sharing: Designing for Collaboration in Online Environments

Gregor Kennedy


Keynote Two:

Exploring E-Learning Design

Students from Caringbah High School

10.30-10.55 Morning Tea - Reception Area

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4


From LMS to VLE: Classifying tele-learning platforms using metaphors

Eva Dobozy

Students as learning designers

Concetta Gotlieb
and Students from
Caringbah High School

Using a problem-based learning approach with LAMS to best facilitate best practice sharing of medical education content

Bronwen Dalziel

Integrating educational video games in LAMS:
<e-adventure> experience

Ángel del Blanco, Javier Torrente, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón (virtual)



Developing pre-service teachers' research capabilities using LAMS

Matt Bower


Using LAMS to structure and support Learning Activities in Virtual Worlds

Katy Lumkin,
Jan Eade,
Andrew Cram

Enabling the sharing of great pedagogy:
An online peer and self assessment tool

Donna Shepherd

LAMS in medicine: designing a virtual clinical case in the field of human endocrinology teaching

Teresa Consiglio (virtual)

11.50-12.00 Short Break

Integrating the experience of students through collaborative task design using student blogs

Chris Campbell


LEP Online

Neil Eramsen

Measuring collaboration in online forums

Glenn Mason

The Learning Outcome Authoring Tool (LOAT) Integration into LAMS

Spyros Papadakis
Tania Kerkiri


Introducing LD & LAMS to pre-service education students

Chris Campbell

Taking LAMS to the Great Outdoors

Cate Fredrickson

Strange and Stranger…
Problem-based Learning and Game-based Learning with LAMS

Playware Studios

Finding the tools and pedagogies for the next generation of e-Learners

Frank van't Hoog

1.00-2.00 Lunch

A Summary of the ALTC Learning Designs Project

Leanne Cameron

New Innovation:
Mobile loyalty in higher education

Stuart Warden,
Carolin Löffler
Hugo Chichava


Education students using the Le@rning Federation's digital resources

Chris Campbell


2.30-2.55 Afternoon Tea — Reception Area

Introducing LessonLAMS

Ernie Ghiglione

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Closing Keynote:

Three great eTeaching ideas:
Predict-Observe-Explain, Problem-based Learning, and Role Plays

James Dalziel

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